The people of Get there

This is the attempt to write down an approach to project management that occurred to me on a running tour.

The “Get there” approach is based on the assumption that a project team consists of the following work types:

The Visionary
Someone to drive innovation, knows what is going on “in the world” and not at all hesitant to give directions. Does not like to be kept from his vision, even though that vision might be blurry for most other team members and sometimes even for himself.

The Man of Action
This is the one everyone else is relying on, if there is something to be done. Likes to have his work planned in short, precisely defined tasks. Does not like to bother with “head in the clouds”-thinking. Hates the unexpected. Likes to get things done, now…

The Nerd
Someone who likes the Unknown. To him it does not matter, whether or not an idea is realizable at first. Easily becomes absorbed in a fancy idea. Does not like strict work plans and straight routes. Works best, when confronted with obstacles.

The Skeptic
If it were up to him, everything would stay like it is. Change is risky at best. And if change cannot be keep from coming, his duty is to remind everyone of the possible dangers. And cost…cost is the worst of all.

Check back soon to read about ‘The Kickoff’